Top Reasons Why International Students Should Study in Australia

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Top Reasons Why International Students Should Study in Australia

A New Year full of new aspirations!

Is studying abroad one of your major agendas, the ultimate wishlist for the year ahead of you? If yes, then Australia is the right study destination to kick start your academic journey full of exceptional learning experience!

Whether it is for an Undergraduate Degree or Postgraduate Degree or a Diploma, you have surely come across at least one person in your circle who has selected Australia as a potential study destination!

Well, let us guide you with compelling reasons why Australia is “The Study Abroad Destination for you”.

4 Major Reasons you should Study in Australia!

Apart from its welcoming environment for international students with multicultural inclusivity, there are lots of benefits Australia has to offer. So, let’s start with the benefits you will be receiving as an international student studying in Australia.

  • Globally Acclaimed Top Tier Universities

Australia has one of the world’s most reputable universities offering competent courses that are best fit for the highly competitive job market. Known for its research intensive culture and high level of technological innovativeness; it facilitates cutting edge research facilities and globally renowned faculties committed to foster intellectual growth. Moreover, the availability of English track programs at universities that maintain high academic standards and rigorous quality makes it even more attractive for international students.

Here are some of the Australian Universities you can look into:

S.N. World University Rank 2024 University City
1 37 University of Melbourne Melbourne
2 54 Monash University Melbourne
3 60 University of Sydney Sydney
4 67 Australian National University Canberra
5 70 The University of Queensland Brisbane

  • Earn and Learn

Are you worried about financing your studies abroad? Well Australia’s flexible work permits for international students gives you the flexibility to carry on your studies while working.

The Australian government allows the international students with valid visas to work for 48 hours per fortnight during their academic terms and full time during their vacation. Generally, sources confirm that international students earn around AU$36.62 per hour with a good job.

Furthermore, after completing a minimum of 2 years of studies, Australian policies allow international students to apply for post study permits for a period of two to four years, depending on the level of their studies.

With the same, you can also receive potential job opportunities with globally renowned brands which will surely take your career to new heights.

  • Scholarship Opportunities

Along with the facilities of the work permit, Australia also offers the international students with various scholarship opportunities to support their studies. The government of Australia even provides contributions of AUD 200,000,000 for international scholarships.

Apart from this, international students can also receive financial assistance from educational institutions and other organizations. These scholarships may include reduction in tuition fees, facilitate accommodation and even support living expenses based on their academic merits as per the scholarship structures of the respective institutions.

For a more grounded knowledge about scholarship opportunities, we recommend visiting the websites of the respective educational institutions for detailed information. Rest assured! We will help you sort list the educational institutions catered to meet your academic and financial requirements.

  • Health Insurance

During the visa application process all international students are required to have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Hence, the international students must maintain an up to date health insurance during their stay in Australia.

OSHC supports international students to access a wide range of medical services and cover the cost of medical and hospital care. It is advised not to fall behind the renewal of the policy as you may not be able to claim the full services which you might receive otherwise.

There are several verified insurance providers in Australia that offer OSHC policies. You can compare various packages that include OSHC plans, compare prices and pick the one that best fits your medical condition.

Few other points of consideration which will likely help you weigh your decision to study in Australia are:

  1. Australia ranks 22 in the Global Peace Index 2023 and is considered as one of the safest places in terms of societal safety and security domains.
  2. In comparison to countries like the USA, UK, Norway, Singapore, etc., Australia is quite affordable in terms of living standard.
  3. The Australian Public Transportation System is extensive and reliable. In other words, you can travel, enjoy the beaches, witness rich wilderness in the national parks and visit iconic places with rich history without having to own a vehicle.
  4. Getting a student visa is comparatively easy in Australia when all the prerequisites of the visa application process is met.
  5. Being a native English speaking country also adds a plus point as it will be a lot easier to communicate and adapt to the place.

Tips for you to Study in Australia

Here are few tips for you that will make your academic life in Australia more easier:

  • Apply several months ahead!

Explore your course options and aim to apply to universities months before the school term begins. The academic years are usually separated into two semesters, February to May and August to November. So, make sure you get organized and apply on time!

  • Get your Student Visa on time

Research and be prepared with required documents beforehand so that you don’t have to rush the Visa process. You can always rely on us for consultation and to make your visa application process hassle free!

  • Be smart and find alternatives for books

You can easily save money on books by accessing the library, finding free online sources and purchasing books on second hand.

  • Got a ‘D’? Don’t worry!

‘D’ actually means distinction here in Australia, however, sadly grade ‘F’ is universal. The Australian grading standards are quite different from the ones we are used to. Here is the peak into the grading system:

Australian Grading System
HD High Distinction
D Distinction
C Credit
P Pass
F Fail
  • Interact, Socialize and Adapt

The easiest way for you to adapt to the new environment and get to know the country as fast as possible is through the people. Get yourself enrolled in clubs, try socializing in events, participate in voluntary programs and make new Aussie friends.

  • Stay Organized and Budget

Studying away from home, that too alone can be very difficult financially, even harder when you are studying and working simultaneously. So, make sure you manage your time and finances efficiently. Plan your budgets, don’t do unnecessary expenditures and separate your savings for a rainy day!

Australia promises a holistic educational experience with global recognition and diverse opportunities.With the same, the Australian government has ensured a welcoming environment for the international students by facilitating flexible work permits, scholarship opportunities, health insurance facilities and career exploration opportunities.

So, has Australia captured your attention for further studies? Let us know if you want to learn more about studying in Australia! We can assist you with shortlisting universities as per your interest, apply to your dream universities with scholarship, ensure hassle free visa processing and help you obtain the best health insurance. Additionally, we will be with you throughout your journey with our onshore services which assists you to obtain Internships, Translation and Personal Tutoring, all designed to provide extra support for students who are keen to maximize their prospects in their industry of choice.

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