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Getting English proficiency test measured for multiple universities can be a daunting task. Students and other applicants often look for an examination that can cover all their requirements and apply to most institutions. For such candidates, TOELF is the perfect fit. TOEFL iBT has been established to measure four major academic skill areas: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. To ensure relevance to everyday context, the test’s language mimics everyday English usage, and the content is completely academic in nature. Check out the details of the TOELF language proficiency test below!

The Structure, Time, and Marks

Currently, TOEFL exists in 4 sections, each of which is described in detail below:

Reading: Between 3 and 4 passages are presented to the reader, each containing 700 words. Here the passages would either be on cause/ effect or compare/ contrast focus. For each passage, the candidate answers ten questions, and the time limit for the entire paper is between 54 to 72 minutes. The marking scale for this section is between 0-30. This TOEFL iBT section is extremely important.

Listening: For the listening part, between 3-4 lectures are shown that present classroom discussions. Each lecture is between 3-5 minutes long, making the total test time between 41 and 57 minutes. The final marking scale here is between 0-30.

Speaking: The speaking component consists of 4 tasks, with 1 independent task that allows the applicant to express their opinion. The other three tasks are based on reading and hearing. Usually, the candidate can prepare a response within 30 seconds and has 1 minute to narrate it. The total time allowed for this test is 17 minutes. The scoring scale for this section is between 0-30 as well. Most study abroad opportunities require a good score on this section.

Writing: The writing section consists of two tasks, with the first comprising 20 minutes based on reading and hearing. The second task focuses on independent support or opinion, making the total time around 30 minutes. The total time for the paper is 50 minutes, and the scoring scale is the same as the previous ones.

Why is TOEFL compared to other English language proficiency exams?

Usually, a huge deterrent in different proficiency exams is their acceptance. TOEFL offers a clear advantage in this regard. First, institutions value the proficiency level tested at TOEFL language proficiency test, and around 90 percent of the students appearing for the exam can enter their first or second university of choice. Secondly, all Canadian Universities, 90 percent of the US universities, and all UK universities accept TOEFL for their language proficiency requirements. A similar 100% acceptance exists in Australia and New Zealand as well. Therefore, getting TOEFL on your applications and resume can boost you to get into your dream university of choice.

Pricing and Other Factors

Currently, TOEFL costs between 100 to 300 USD based on where it is being taken and the type of test. Concurrently, the validity of the test is for two years, and it can be given again after the validity expires. A major benefit of TOEFL language proficiency test is that it is regularly held and allows students to appear per their schedule, making it easier to manage alongside high school and other related requirements. Previously, a Paper Based Test was held as well. However, it has been removed since April 2021 due to Covid-19.

Frequently Asked

TOEFL is offered in iBT and ITP versions. TOEFL iBT is used by institutions that make high stake decisions, for example, accepting whether a student gets accepted to college. On the other hand, the IPT version is where the content from previously administered TOEFL paper-based tests is used, and such tests are already used for either initial screening or for students that have already received their admission. As a result, TOEFL ITP can not substitute the TOEFT iBT for university applications, and when requested by an institution, the iBT score must be submitted.

Currently, more than 12000 universities accept TOEFL as the standard for English proficiency testing, and the test is acceptable in over 160 countries across the globe. Additionally, people working on their immigration applications or visa requirements may give this exam from the select few that are allowed to prove English language mastery.

Taking the iBT test is easy as it is administered online, being an internet-based test. Therefore, the applicant can complete the test at home or the testing centre. However, taking the test at home may not be an option in some regions. Studying abroad requires this test in many cases.

Most countries that are native English-speaking accept the TOEFL test. These countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. Concurrently, TOEFL scores are also accepted by institutions in numerous other countries.

The best factor about TOEFL language proficiency test is the flexibility of taking it. If you plan to apply abroad, the best option is to take the test a few months before the application begins. It allows you to check the final result you receive and repeat the test if necessary to improve your scores. Some university applications may allow you to submit the test after the initial application has been submitted. The process may differ for VISA and migration applications, given that such applications may require different deadlines for TOEFL submission.

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