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None can deny the fact that the United States of America is the global hub when it comes to the economy and education. Few countries lead like the US, making it the most lucrative option for many students who imagine pursuing the American dream. Concurrently, the US allows a capitalist societal structure, which means merit can be why you can grow to any height. Therefore, it is natural that studying in the US can be the most rewarding experience in one’s life. It is also true that the US always tops the charts as the most preferable study destination in the world. Concurrently, the degrees from the US are globally recognisable and can help you reach the top of your chosen career. However, it can not be denied that studying in the capitalist head of the world can be substantially expensive and a huge burden on the resources of students from the Third World or developing countries. For this purpose, we have considered the different scholarship options that the US offers so you can choose something that can help you progress in the US academically. Study in the US can become a career builder for anyone.

Over the years, institutions in the US, in their attempt to create diversity and an inclusive culture, have increased the number of foreign students that study there. For this purpose, many scholarships have emerged with time to cope with the requirements of such students. US scholarships are profound and very resourceful.

Sports Scholarships

Many college leagues operate in the US. Therefore, sports are a huge part of college life. People who are on sports teams often receive scholarships based on their performance. Such scholarships in the US are very competitive and need a high skill and achievement level to be granted. Also, better colleges can have very strict criteria to offer this scholarship and may require physical approval.

Merit Scholarships/ Academic Scholarships

Such scholarships are offered based on academic merits. Usually, a huge determinant of whether such scholarships will be offered is the SAT or ACT exam score that allows a student to attend college. Such scholarships are usually either given by the university or a private organisation. US scholarships of this kind can help everyone with great academics.

Types of Scholarships

The US offers numerous options for students to study and advance in the country. Concurrently, these US scholarships are often recognised for the prestige and honour they offer students and can also be a foundational stone in future endeavours. Some of the most recognised and useful US scholarship programs are discussed below in detail:

Financial Assistance

More importantly, students often receive financial assistance if they cannot pay college fees. Here, the endowment fund and earnings/ scale of the college matter. For example, Harvard can cover as much as 96 percent of the total expenses, while other small universities may be able to cover much less. Each university has a listing page that can determine what types of need-based financial assistance they offer. Study abroad today on financial assistance.

Average Academic Scholarship

Consider these US scholarships as being offered on the holistic outlook of a student’s performance in different areas. Here, academic performance, community work, and extracurriculars may all be focused upon to determine if a student can gain the scholarship.

List of scholarships in: United States of America

Foreign Full-bright Student Program

The Full-bright student program is one of the world’s most popular and highly sought-after scholarships. It has been designed to ensure that students who are pursuing either a Masters’s or Ph.D. degree can pursue their studies in the US with ease. More importantly, even if you are enrolled in any non-degree program, you can still avail of this scholarship as long as it is postgraduate level. The biggest benefit of this scholarship is that it covers everything, from tuition expenses to health insurance. As a result, the students receiving this scholarship will be at ease and can do amazing things with their academic careers. However, it must be noted that the sheer benefits and popularity of the scholarship make it one of the most sought-after and competitive scholarships in the world. Study abroad today with full-bright and develop your future.

Humphrey Fellowship Program

Experienced professionals often decide to continue their studies and expand their skills. In such cases, becoming a skilled professional can be a challenge, and those who fulfil it deserve a shot at better education ahead. Therefore, this scholarship targets complete educational requirements and will provide the amount for the entire course. However, a huge drawback is that the fellowship program would make the institutional selection. The most suitable institutions will be selected based on the applicant’s application.

Next Gen Scholarship

A token of 1000 USD grand is offered to students studying in either Washington, Virginia, or Maryland. This US scholarship can be availed y all international students with a 30.0 CGPA when applying to the college.

The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship

This US scholarship is arranged by the US government and is focused on outstanding students from the Third World. The scholarship allows them to pursue any postgraduate-level study that they wish.

American University Emerging Global Leader

One key focus of any great educational endeavour is to support people who can bring positive change. The same applies to this scholarship as well. Academically gifted students with strong leadership potential receive around 4000 USD annually to contribute towards their studies.

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