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Immerse yourself in the magic of New Zealand. This adventure playground of majestic landscapes and thrilling activities caters to every student’s wanderlust, ensuring your study abroad experience goes beyond the classroom.

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    Why Choose New Zealand?

    Vibrant Multicultural Nation

    New Zealand has a dynamic and harmonious multicultural society. People are friendly, pleasant and welcoming to international students in a warm environment. New Zealand’s population has a variety of cultural backgrounds, the 2018 census shows that its population consists of 70.2% European, 16.5% Māori and 15.1% Asian, which creates a multicultural society.

    Living in New Zealand
    The size of the UK or Japan but with a population of only 4.6 million people, New Zealand gives you room to breathe and the space to be be yourself.
    New Zealand consistently leads world quality of life studies, and a great work-life balance. Kiwis believe in balancing a good day’s work or study with time after work and on the weekends to catch up with family and friends, enjoy hobbies and explore nature.

    Academic Excellence
    New Zealand’s higher education system is internationally ranked. All eight of New Zealand’s universities feature in the top three percent in the world. According to the 2016 QS World University Rankings, New Zealand is the only country in the world to have all of its universities in the global top 500. The OECD 2013 Better Life Index rates NZ as a “Top performing country” for the quality of its education system.

    Navigating the complexities of studying abroad can be daunting. 

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    From crafting compelling essays to navigating application deadlines, we'll be your pillar of support throughout the entire process.

    Visa Assistance

    Demystifying the visa application process, we'll ensure you have all the necessary documentation and guidance to secure your study permit.

    Pre-Departure Guidance

    We'll equip you with the essential knowledge and resources to adjust to life in New Zealand, from accommodation options to cultural tips.

    1. Business and Entrepreneurship:

    • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Hone your leadership skills and gain a global perspective in business at renowned universities like University of Auckland or Victoria University of Wellington. New Zealand’s emphasis on innovation and sustainability sets its MBA programs apart.

    • Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Tourism or International Business: Immerse yourself in the booming tourism industry or develop expertise in international trade, capitalizing on New Zealand’s strong trade ties with Asia and the Pacific.

    2. Science and Technology:

    • Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence: Be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field, with universities like University of Otago and AUT offering cutting-edge programs and research opportunities.

    • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Renewable Energy: Contribute to New Zealand’s goal of becoming a 100% renewable energy nation by 2030. Gain practical skills in geothermal, wind, and solar power at institutions like University of Canterbury or Waikato University.

    3. Creative Industries:

    • Bachelor of Design with specialization in Maori Art: Learn from renowned Maori artists and delve into the rich cultural heritage of New Zealand, creating stunning artwork with a unique perspective.

    • Bachelor of Performing Arts: Hone your talents in acting, music, or dance in a supportive and vibrant artistic community. New Zealand’s thriving theater scene and stunning natural landscapes offer endless inspiration.

    4. Land-based studies:

    • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture: Gain expertise in sustainable agriculture practices at institutions like Lincoln University, perfectly suited for New Zealand’s focus on environmentally conscious farming.

    • Bachelor of Resource and Environmental Management: New Zealand is a global leader in environmental protection. This program equips you with the knowledge and skills to tackle pressing environmental challenges.

    5. Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Education:

    • Bachelor of Adventure Tourism: Combine your love for adventure with academic rigor, learning about outdoor safety, sustainability, and managing adventure tourism activities in New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes.

    • Diploma in Outdoor Education: Immerse yourself in the great outdoors, gaining practical skills in outdoor leadership, teaching, and risk management. This program opens doors to exciting careers in guiding, instructing, and running outdoor education programs.

    Admission To New Zealand

    To begin studying in New Zealand, there are a range of entry requirements you may have to meet. Requirements may vary depending on the level of education you want to study.

    Applicants are required to provide results of an English language test. The English language skill level might defer from one institution to another or depending on the desired program.

    Applicants who completed a 1-2 year Academic studies in the last two years at a recognised university (or similar institution) in English will not be required to provide evidence of English language skill and will be able to enter the program directly.

    Undergraduate Admission Criteria
    For admission into undergraduate studies applicants are required to be able to show they have achieved a similar university entrance level of education – that can include GCSE, A levels, or senior secondary Certificate of Education (Year 12) or the overseas equivalent.

    Graduate Admission Criteria
    Admission requirements vary from program to program, but at a minimum, applicants interested in Postgraduate studies are required to have a New Zealand Bachelor’s degree, or graduate diploma/graduate certificate from a recognised tertiary institution. Qualifications awarded outside New Zealand can also be used for admission but equivalencies and entry requirements are determined based on the country, institution, and qualification.

    For entry into a Doctorate program, students must have completed their Masters. Students must have the fundamental theoretical knowledge to carry out their independent studies. To determine a candidate’s suitability for PhD students


    Grading System:

    The common grading system used in New Zealand is the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) marking scheme. Universities generally have the system of awarding letter grades (A to D) to the students. The letter grades correspond to percentage mark bands, though these may differ between Institutions and Universities. Thus, thus, the grading measure might be imprecise and the New Zealand educational provider will assess applicants' GPAs based on the educational institution and country's previous studies and qualifications awarded.

    Compared to popular study destinations like the USA, the UK, and Canada, New Zealand stands out as a relatively affordable option for studying abroad. Below are the estimated costs for pursuing education in New Zealand:

    For Bachelor's Degrees: The annual tuition fees for undergraduate programs at New Zealand universities typically range from NZD 20,000 to NZD 35,000. However, these fees can vary based on factors such as the university, the chosen course of study, and the duration of the program. Specialized programs, particularly in fields like medicine, engineering, or business, may incur higher tuition fees.

    For Master's Degrees: The annual tuition fees for postgraduate programs, including master's degrees, vary depending on the university and the field of study. On average, international students can anticipate paying between NZD 25,000 and NZD 45,000 per year for master's programs.

      1. Main applicants passport or official translation of birth certificate
      2. Official translation of Students academic certificates and transcript or records
      3. Professional academic resume
      4. Statement of purpose
      5. English language certificate such as IELTS, TOFFEL,PTE..etc
      6. Two Academic references (if applicable)
      7. Official translation of employment letter (if applicable)
      8. Submit a research proposal detailing the proposed area of research (Research and PhD programs)

      If the applicant is interested in a full-time program (more than 3 months) a student Visa with the below requirements will apply:

      1. A latter of offer from an educational institution approved by the New Zealand qualifications Authority
      2. A written guarantee of a suitable accommodation is available by an institution or person. (If applicant is under 18)
      3. Evidence of sufficient funds supporting one year of living and tuition fees, plus Health cover and return tickets.
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