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Some professions, despite being there for centuries, still have a generous impact on the societies that we live in. The legal field and the law are examples of a route that has impacted human history for centuries. Usually, the legal field is the best way to stand up for what’s right, bringing change and upholding suppressed people’s rights. After all, the most influential way to change someone’s position or give them what they deserve is by the law! As such, many people dream of studying law in different countries based on their preferences and then pursuing a formal career as a lawyer. Here, we will discuss the different routes of the law and how becoming a lawyer can be a great career option.


  • The average salary of a lawyer is one of the highest in legal studies. Concurrently, those practicing the law do not have to live on base salaries. Instead, they have numerous other money-making tools as well. For example, gaining a huge settlement for a client can involve a share of the settlement proceedings. Similarly, you can get paid for the bonuses and extras a client gives. Studying abroad to become a lawyer is the top priority of many students.


  • The field has always been growing. Apart from the traditional options, many new legal opportunities occasionally emerge. For example, a new tribunal or a new area of law is formed through a formal act.


  • Openings for lawyers each year are considerable. Concurrently, you are not bound to find a job. Instead, being in the legal field means you can become an advisor, join a firm, or start your independent practice. Therefore, you will always have some form of work.

Studying the Law

One of the most complicated questions is how to study the law. It must be noted that becoming a lawyer has different requirements in different countries. In the UK, it takes average seven years to become a lawyer. First, you need to complete an underlying bachelor’s degree. Such a degree can be completed in any field and may not necessarily be linked to legal studies. After your bachelor’s, you need to give the LSAT or the Law School Admission Test. Currently, LSAT is considered one of the most competitive tests, and without completing it, no law school will accept the candidate. You can even end up at prestigious schools like Harvard or Yale based on the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) score and a strong profile. After a three-year degree at a law school, you will have to appear for the bar license and gain any necessary pre-determining qualification for it as well.

On the other hand, there are countries, like the UK, where the law school and bachelor’s degree are the same. You can complete your LLB within three years after high school. If your LLB degree has all the required prerequisites to enter the bar exams, which most law degrees do, you can appear for all 11 of the major bar at law exams within a year. You must join one of the four prestigious inns in the UK to do these exams. After the bar exams, you need a mandatory one-year practice, which can sometimes be completed while preparing for the exams. After this routine, you gain your bar license to work as a barrister. Studying abroad in the UK is the dream of most potential lawyer.

Other countries may have different requirements. Therefore, we urge you to contact our team for details on the requirements of the country where you wish to pursue legal studies.

Pathways in a Legal/ Law career

You can choose between numerous pathways that the legal career offers.

Corporate law: Ever watched Suits? They depict what the life of a corporate lawyer looks like. The main focus is to help with mergers, business regulations, and settling issues that arise in the corporate world. This field is borderless and can allow you to earn exceptional sums. The legal field is the best option for such lawyers.

Law professor: Some people are not interested in becoming a practicing lawyer. Instead, their focus is to learn the law and help others learn it. Therefore, they can become teachers and professors at law schools or LSAT training centres. Writing books and guides can be natural in this case as well.

Patent Attorney: Trademarks, patents, and copyrights are extremely important to ensure the safety of someone’s work in the current digital age. Therefore, patent lawyers are in high demand. A huge issue is that a small mistake here can cost someone their life’s work. For this purpose, being a great patent attorney is an excellent source of earnings.

Criminal / Civil Lawyer: Many other criminal and civil fields also exist, and many lawyers tend to practice holistically. Study abroad today to become a lawyer.

Should I become a lawyer?

Law is a very specific skill set, and it requires someone who can be great at these skills, along with their academic knowledge, to bring a change. First, being able to speak and debate is extremely important because you are essentially making your case through arguments about something. Concurrently, there are extreme amounts of information that have to be consumed in a short period. Therefore, academic superiority is extremely important, and keeping yourself updated with the latest legal provisions is crucial. Remember, both precedents and statutes can change the law regularly. Study abroad today to get the best outcome. Also, when working on cases, having a mind to analyse the situation and ensure that you can find discrepancies to create a loophole is essential. Therefore, it can be stated that you need to be the desk Sherlock Holmes to be a successful lawyer.

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