About StudyCo Education Consultancy: Your Path to Study Abroad Success

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Deciding to study abroad is an exciting yet scary time. With so many options available across the globe, it can be hard to determine which institute will be the most beneficial to your studies and long-term career goals. Moreover, it may be challenging to decide between multiple universities, especially when they all offer various benefits which could shape your career, personal and educational development well into the future.
With over 20 years of experience helping students worldwide find suitable study abroad opportunities, StudyCo takes the guesswork out of paving your future. Using professional student recruitment and training services, StudyCo is renowned for being one of the best in the business. Our success is backed by many a positive review, testimonials, happy students and success stories.
Here are just some ways StudyCo has supported countless onshore and offshore students to navigate and settle into the right international university campuses.

StudyCo provides up-to-date resources on studying abroad

International institutes provide multiple pamphlets, resources and documents to help students determine if it is the most suitable study choice for them. On top of this, there are also countless resources available online, including blogs from previous students and success stories from alumni. While this is a great starting point for students to narrow down their options, it can’t always provide them with the full scope of the information they need to make an informed decision.
StudyCo has access to a range of databases and information packs, which can help students acquire the essential knowledge they need. All staff are also equipped with a wealth of knowledge about each institute. They are happy to expand on the provided information to help students develop a holistic understanding of their options. Where necessary, StudyCo also has direct lines of communication to over 500 universities across
the world, meaning the team can ask questions on a student’s behalf to ensure no stone is left unturned.
Whether a student wants to Study in Malaysia or Study in Australia, the team can deliver all the information required to guarantee students are satisfied with their final decision.

Choose a destination that aligns with your study goals

The team at StudyCo understands that everyone has different study objectives. Some individuals want to maximise their knowledge so they can find a high-paying career. Others want to experience university social life and culture so they can make lifelong memories and friendships.
As well as the university experience you are searching for, the StudyCo team follows a tailored step-by-step application process to ensure students find the course that suits their study objectives. They also understand every student is at a different stage of their life. For this, they will help students of every level integrate into the appropriate courses.
StudyCo can even help students transfer or defer their courses to an abroad status if they have started studying in their native country but feel there are better alternatives available for them. This extends to students who may have completed their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in their home country but are looking for more specialised international universities to help them refine their skills in a specific niche.
Students can access a full list of accredited and respected universities at any time via the StudyCo website.

Make an informed study abroad decision

The StudyCo team is passionate about working with students from start to finish. From the moment they decide they want to take their studies overseas to settling on campus, the team offers all the advice and solutions to ensure every student receives a fulfilling experience.
While the team predominately focuses on campus life, quality education and partnering with accredited universities, they will also take the time to answer questions beyond the realm of study. This includes but isn’t limited to questions concerning student Visa Applications, developing language skills, helping students understand abroad internship opportunities and providing guidance on how students can earn money in specific countries while working on a student visa.
Though these elements don’t directly relate to study, they can impact the student experience. Therefore, the team always takes dedicated time to showcase to students how well they would be able to integrate into their chosen country. The team sees this as a way to reduce any culture shock upon arrival, which can cause stress, anxiety and a poor relationship with studies.

Partner with market-leading student recruitment services

StudyCo is recognised in the industry as being one of the best when it comes to partnering students with abroad institutes. The team has received countless praise in the media for their hard work and dedication to satisfying the study needs and requirements of every student who needs extra support making a study abroad decision.
If you are a parent or student looking for valuable advice about study abroad options, the team is always happy to help. Get started for free today.
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