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It's true that attending high school in North America or in the United Kingdom will help you gain admission to top universities. But choosing the right high school is a critical step in the process.

EF International Academy prepares you personally and academically for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities. As an IB World School, EF International Academy is a place where students play an interactive role in the classroom — where there is time to explore passions beyond one's coursework, and a belief that a well-rounded perspective is vital to success later in life. Indeed, with students from 60 nations, EF International Academy is a school with a larger world view — it’s a place where you’ll discover new places and perspectives while meeting interesting people every day.

Our faculty are committed to developing the full potential of each student. This dedicated faculty however is only part of the equation. Our students constantly motivate one another to success. This is a school where you will find inspiration in your fellow peers just as often as you find it in your teachers and your academic curriculum.

  • International Academy (IA) Programmes

    International Academy (IA) Programmes

    EF International Academy prepares students for success in the top US and UK universities through the world’s best academic curricula. EF International Academy admission counselors will help students choose the programme best suited to their personality, learning style, and career goals. Students are encouraged to participate in all four years of study to gain the ultimate foundation for their future goals.
  • International Academy (IA) Campus Locations

    International Academy (IA) Campus Locations

    Studying abroad is a challenging and rewarding experience. With dedicated staff and safe, comfortable, modern campuses, EF International Academy fosters a nurturing environment where students can thrive and grow.
  • International Academy (IA) Student Life

    International Academy (IA) Student Life

    A full programme of extracurricular activities, sports and clubs are arranged on each campus to provide our students with the perfect balance of high level education and a memorable experience abroad.


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Last Updated: 30 November 2009
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