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When it comes to university-level education, no other country in the world inspires the academic respect and imagination as the USA. Names such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and MIT have become global education brands which have led the way for most of the past century. In the two most influential global university ranking indexes (The Times Higher Ed and the Shanghai Jiao Tong) , American universities have a near monopoly on the Top 10 places, with only Oxford and Cambridge challenging for a spot in the Top 10.  For international students, the USA is a huge draw card. A qualification from a US university can lead to all sorts of career opportunities back home.

Navitas offers a 'University Pathway Program' at five highly respected US universities. The Navitas University Pathway Program is an excellent option for international students who are looking for a more supportive learning environment in first year of studies at an American university. Navitas also offers 'Pre-Masters' courses at some of its USA colleges. These one-semester programs provide the necessary preparation for entry into a Masters degree at a Navitas partner university in the USA.


  • Navitas at UMass Dartmouth

    Navitas at UMass Dartmouth

    Navitas at UMass Dartmouth is located at the University of Massachusetts (UMass) in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, with satellite facilities in the Southcoast Massachusetts region. Just one hour from Boston.
  • Navitas at UMass Lowell

    Navitas at UMass Lowell

    For international students thinking about studying for a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the USA, Navitas offers an Undergraduate Pathway Program and a Pre-Master's Program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell).
  • Navitas at UMass Boston

    Navitas at UMass Boston

    The Navitas at UMass Boston University Pathway Program (UPP) offers an alternative pathway to the University of Massachusetts Boston for international students who may not qualify for direct entry and who seek a supportive study environment.
  • Navitas at UNH

    Navitas at UNH

    For international students thinking about studying for a bachelor's or master's degree in the USA, Navitas offers an undergraduate International University Transfer Program (IUTP) at the University of New Hampshire (UNH).
  • Navitas at WKU

    Navitas at WKU

    Navitas at WKU is located at the WKU Bowling Green campus and offers a University Pathway Program (UPP) and Pre-Masters Program designed to prepare international students for university studies in the USA.


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Last Updated: 30 November 2009
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