StudyCo Education Consultants & Student Recruitment Agency | Events Sat, 16 Dec 2017 06:12:07 +0330 StudyCo Roadshow - September 2017 db/files/images/thumb/2/24094664.jpg Meet with Edith Cowan University in Oman db/files/images/thumb/2/14317850.jpg StudyCo Roadshow - April 2017 db/files/images/thumb/2/91475911.jpg LaTrobe Campus Visit - 23 Sep db/files/images/thumb/2/27707651.jpg StudyCo Roadshow - September 2016 db/files/images/thumb/2/80163477.jpg Monash Info Session - Business Programs - 27 May db/files/images/thumb/2/35556223.jpg Engineering Facilities Tour: Micro-Nano Engineering Facility - May 5th db/files/images/thumb/2/24578221.jpg Swinburne University Sarawak Information Session at STUDYCO - KSA: 23 Apr db/files/images/thumb/2/69673134.jpg Study in USA and UK - MONDAY 18TH APR @3 PM - LEBANON db/files/images/thumb/2/61376858.jpg Potential Scholarships for Students Studying IT in Federation Uni Australia db/files/images/thumb/2/18106149.jpg The University of Melbourne Virtual Fair db/files/images/thumb/2/77012113.jpg Flinders University Visiting StudyCo - Oman db/files/images/thumb/2/22219538.jpg 20 American Scholarships for English Summer camps - First in First Served db/files/images/thumb/2/71816458.jpg Australian Universities Information Session - StudyCo UAE - March 2016 db/files/images/thumb/2/85363379.jpg StudyCo Visit to Kuwait Oil Company db/files/images/thumb/2/76920712.jpg StudyCo Oman Holds Universities’ Interview and Seminar Session’_Interview_and_Seminar_Session db/files/images/thumb/2/98951565.jpg La Trobe Bundoora Campus Tour for Students db/files/images/thumb/2/85177001.jpg Studyco Kuwait Roadshow - 16 September 2015 db/files/images/thumb/2/31969850.jpg Studyco Oman Roadshow - 15 September 2015 db/files/images/thumb/2/70358705.jpg Studyco Dubai Roadshow - 19 September 2015 db/files/images/thumb/2/79628184.jpg Studyco Oman Roadshow - 15 September 2014 db/files/images/thumb/2/21781224.jpg Studyco Dubai Roadshow - 17 September 2014 db/files/images/thumb/2/22747529.jpg Studyco Kuwait Roadshow - 16 September 2014 db/files/images/thumb/1/40702887.jpg Study in Australia Event, Held in Muscat db/files/images/thumb/1/18642377.jpg LBIC at Brunel University- Middle East Seminar Invitation db/files/images/thumb/1/20669995.jpg The University of Melbourne Virtual Fair for International Students Wednesday 16 October 2013 db/files/images/thumb/1/86943996.jpg ISO 9001: 2008 : StudyCo - Iran db/files/images/thumb/1/86888730.jpg StudyCo Exhibition Iran db/files/images/thumb/1/40016522.jpg StudyCo Exhibition Oman db/files/images/thumb/1/43606720.jpg StudyCo Exhibition Kuwait db/files/images/thumb/1/13425321.jpg StudyCo Exhibition Dubai db/files/images/thumb/1/35038846.jpg The University of Melbourne Important Alert db/files/images/thumb/1/98643451.jpg Nationality Mix db/files/images/thumb/1/34830645.jpg International Student Of the Year Award db/files/images/thumb/1/81246067.jpg The University of Melbourne Virtual Fair db/files/images/thumb/1/32732228011308.jpg