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23 Sep db/files/images/thumb/2/27707651.jpg أفضل عشرة جامعات فى استرالياأفضل_عشرة_جامعات_فى_استراليا db/files/images/thumb/2/61109889.jpg StudyCo Roadshow - September 2016 db/files/images/thumb/2/80163477.jpg Australia New simplified student visa framework db/files/images/thumb/2/56619175.jpg Coming to Australia db/files/images/thumb/2/96276586.jpg Engineering Facilities Tour: Micro-Nano Engineering Facility - May 5th db/files/images/thumb/2/24578221.jpg The University of Melbourne Virtual Fair db/files/images/thumb/2/77012113.jpg Flinders University Visiting StudyCo - Oman db/files/images/thumb/2/86239635.jpg 20 American Scholarships for English Summer camps - First in First Served db/files/images/thumb/2/71816458.jpg AUD$500 Bonus Offer For FISC Student Enrollment db/files/images/thumb/2/12029892.jpg Australian Universities Information Session - StudyCo UAE - March 2016 db/files/images/thumb/2/85363379.jpg StudyCo Visit to Kuwait Oil Company db/files/images/thumb/2/76920712.jpg Art and Design with top Australian Universities db/files/images/thumb/2/99775837.jpg North America Deadlines and Scholarships db/files/images/thumb/2/79701906.jpg StudyCo Oman Holds Universities’ Interview and Seminar Session’_Interview_and_Seminar_Session db/files/images/thumb/2/98951565.jpg Australian Universities - Welcome Back Week db/files/images/thumb/2/84154913.jpg About Gold Coast db/files/images/thumb/2/17388877.jpg Why International Students Need to Make Aussie Friends db/files/images/thumb/2/45029198.jpg Organisations and groups every international student needs to know db/files/images/thumb/2/25378728.jpg How a Swinburne Graduate and a former Iranian refugee Sam Bashiry turned a $1000 router into a $15 million internet business db/files/images/thumb/2/45867435.jpg Australia Day db/files/images/thumb/2/32682724.jpg Melbourne: world's most liveable city - 2015 db/files/images/thumb/2/91181150.jpg Australia scores twice in top-10 cities for foreign students db/files/images/thumb/2/21266143.jpg Sydney Festival 2016 db/files/images/thumb/2/50420348.jpg Australian universities climb in Times Higher Education world rankings db/files/images/thumb/2/78718099.jpg UNSW aims to be a top 50 university db/files/images/thumb/2/25460461.jpg La Trobe Bundoora Campus Tour for Students db/files/images/thumb/2/85177001.jpg Victoria Public Transport Concession for International Student db/files/images/thumb/2/26689762.jpg Studyco- Dubai Roadshow - 17 September 2014 db/files/images/thumb/2/63046080.jpg Studyco Oman Roadshow - 15 September 2014 db/files/images/thumb/2/43269845.jpg Studyco Oman Roadshow - 15 September 2014 db/files/images/thumb/2/21781224.jpg Studyco Dubai Roadshow - 17 September 2014 db/files/images/thumb/2/22747529.jpg Studyco Kuwait Roadshow - 16 September 2014 db/files/images/thumb/1/40702887.jpg Study in Australia Event, Held in Muscat db/files/images/thumb/1/18642377.jpg LBIC at Brunel University- Middle East Seminar Invitation db/files/images/thumb/1/20669995.jpg Studyco Kuwait Roadshow - 16 September 2014 db/files/images/thumb/1/33521821.jpg TOEFL Scores are Now Accepted for More Visas in Australia db/files/images/thumb/1/81480746.jpg US international student intake reaches record high db/files/images/thumb/1/22380434.jpg Canada, USA and Australia “best” for graduate employment“best”_for_graduate_employment db/files/images/thumb/1/68530664.jpg canada's international student enrolement up 94% over past decade db/files/images/thumb/1/21992804.jpg FREE WEBINAR REMINDER UK University Student Recruitment Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions db/files/images/thumb/1/63605567.jpg db/files/images/thumb/1/64056094.jpg Open doors 2013: More international students in the US, most growyh from Amerca db/files/images/thumb/1/74766879.jpg Important alert from the University of Melbourne November 2013 db/files/images/thumb/1/40271558.jpg 2014 Scholarships Heritage, Merit and Transfer db/files/images/thumb/1/88029829.jpg QS Best Student Cities 2014 db/files/images/thumb/1/61545843.jpg WARNING ISSUED TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS db/files/images/thumb/1/88711745.jpg Australia streamlines visa assessment levels db/files/images/thumb/1/68101534.jpg Canberra to ease student visa rules db/files/images/thumb/1/95575054.jpg International Education Strategy for Victoria 2013-2018 db/files/images/thumb/1/68113739.jpg New streamlined student visas to grow Australian education db/files/images/thumb/1/49699544.jpg International research scholarships for programs commencing in 2014 db/files/images/thumb/1/50495921.jpg International students critical in growing UK's higher education sector db/files/images/thumb/1/95570770.jpg Overseas students overtake the locals db/files/images/thumb/1/51993575.jpg New zealand announces initiatives to attract more international students db/files/images/thumb/1/77898825.jpg International students inspire others to study abroad in Australia db/files/images/thumb/1/46334700.jpg The Australian Government has flagged changes to make the nation more attractive to international students. db/files/images/thumb/1/50888946.jpg The University of Melbourne Virtual Fair for International Students Wednesday 16 October 2013 db/files/images/thumb/1/31942539.jpg What will the new Australian government mean for the higher educaton sector db/files/images/thumb/1/71477724.jpg Back to board on foreign students db/files/images/thumb/1/84233357.jpg Malta continues the push to improve teaching standards db/files/images/thumb/1/91249182.jpg ACPET Urges Government to Stop Delays db/files/images/thumb/1/77827744.jpg ISO 9001: 2008 : StudyCo - Iran db/files/images/thumb/1/86888730.jpg New zealand enrolment down in 2013 as private sector falls db/files/images/thumb/1/98215853.jpg Does your recruiting include transfer students? db/files/images/thumb/1/70670004.jpg Report indicate a significant drop in the average ages of chinese students abroad db/files/images/thumb/1/96451664.jpg StudyCo Exhibition Iran db/files/images/thumb/1/40016522.jpg More female professors experiment with MOOCs, but men still dominate | Inside Higher Ed db/files/images/thumb/1/35087251.jpg US graduate admissions up again this year but applications slowing db/files/images/thumb/1/98202882.jpg Australia: short-term study crucial to outbound “diversity”“diversity” db/files/images/thumb/1/86133214.jpg USA: Graduate admissions up but applications slow db/files/images/thumb/1/51397330.jpg Students and guardians reject new British visa bond db/files/images/thumb/1/92770686.jpg Opposition promises A$100 million ‘New Colombo Plan’‘New_Colombo_Plan’ db/files/images/thumb/1/84238978.jpg Brazil's scientific scholarship keeps growing db/files/images/thumb/1/41692229.jpg Standard-setting 'experts' wrecking VET: ACPET db/files/images/thumb/1/53702293.jpg Exploitation of foreign students must end db/files/images/thumb/1/72067753.jpg Abbott government to increase post-study work rights for foreign students db/files/images/thumb/1/76840438.jpg