Semester 2 Study Abroad Opportunities and Scholarships at ECU

A 20% Tuition Fee Scholarship is available for all new students undertaking a Study Abroad program at ECU. The students will also be eligible for a 50% Accommodation Scholarship on our Mount Lawley Campus.
Students who are interested in our 2018 semester 2 Study Abroad options can select from the following popular unit packs:
  • Arts Management in Australia
  • Australian Environmental Science
  • Creative Design
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Engineering
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Marketing
  • Nursing Practice in Australia
However, students can also choose from any pre-approved units or mix and match the units to develop their own individual learning plan. For more information please see our Study Abroad webpage or view the semester 2 Study Abroad flyer.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I receive commission for recruiting Study Abroad students?
Yes, you will be eligible for the relevant percentage of the 'current indicative fee per semester' as stipulated in your ECU Authorised Agent Agreement.
Q: How do I claim commission for recruiting Study Abroad students?
No changes to how you currently claim commissions. ECU will contact you after the census date of each semester with a list of students recruited by your agency. Payment will be made as soon as you have approved the provided list.
Q: Are there any scholarships available to Study Abroad students?
Yes, all Study Abroad applications to ECU will be automatically assessed for the majority of our International scholarships. No separate scholarship application is required.
Q: How do I submit a Study Abroad application?
Applications for Study Abroad should be submitted via StudyCo online application form :  
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact studyco at