Work While You Study - Here's How

Work While You Study - Here’s How.
So we all know how challenging it can be to cope with all the costs from studying abroad. You’ve got accommodation, travel, course fees, insurance and more. 
That’s why so many students enquire about whether they can work while they study.
Well the good news is, you can!
How long many hours can I work per week?
As long as you have the right student visa, students are actually allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week while your course is in session. And while you’re on your break you can actually work for as many hours as you want, as long as its a recognised school vacation.
Can I work while I wait for my course to start?
No. If you’ve already got yourself organised you probably know that your visa allows you to arrive in Australia up to 90 days before your actual course begins, unfortunately though you can’t work until your course has begun.
What is the working week in Australia?
The Aussie working week is actually from Monday through to Sunday with Saturday and Sunday considered the traditional weekends.
What if my course requires me to work as part of my assessment?
Some courses actually require you to undertake work experience in your field of study. Don’t worry though, if this is the case it wont count towards your 20 hour limit, which means you can still work your 20 hours on top of the course requirements.
Do I get paid?
Yes you can do paid work, or if its simply for experience you can do volunteer or unpaid work. Whatever you choose it all comes under the 20 hour limit.
What is the minimum wage in Australia?
The minimum wage in Australia is $17.70 AUS which equates to around
What happens if i work more hours than I’m supposed to?
It’s very important that you follow the guidelines of your student visa and don’t break the rules. You have a very high risk of having your visa cancelled and you will be unable to complete your studies.
To find out more about working while you study, contact a Studyco counsellor today.