How to get the cheapest flights to Study in Australia?

It goes without saying that the costs of studying abroad can be challenging. You’ve got to worry about visa fees, course fees, accommodation and more. That’s why we want to make sure you never pay over the odds for something like travel, especially when we know a few secrets about how to find the best prices.

Prices fluctuate daily so you need to keep your ear to the ground

Many people don’t know but Airlines are often selling tickets at crazy prices if you catch them at the right time. This is because they work on a demand basis and sometimes they need to quickly fill up places, so they’re willing to get rid of tickets at very low prices. You need to be always on the lookout, or you can follow one our Studyco partner Cedar Jet Travel here, as they give regular updates on the best airfares between Australia and Lebanon.

Find a travel agent that specialises in flights between the Middle East and Australia 

Travel agents that specialise in the Middle East will have better relationships with airlines and are therefore able to provide the best prices. 

Ask your education agent if they can organise your travel

One of the great things about choosing a quality education agent is that they provide a full-service to students that includes arranging everything from pre-departure to onshore services. An agency like Studyco will arrange your flights for you so all you need to do is let your counsellor know. They will seek out the best price for you as well as arrange airport pickup if you wish, which is always a good idea when first landing in a new country!

To find out more about this service speak to a Studyco counsellor today.