What is Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)?

The GTE means a person who satisfies the genuine temporary entrant criterion for University admission and visa purposes. A form must be completed by applicants (Students) supporting a genuine intention to temporarily enter and remain in Australia for Educational causes only.

GTE for Admissions Purposes

The genuine temporary entrant is used by the University and Institutions admissions to identify applicants using the student visa program for motives other than gaining quality education.

Some of the factors that are being considered by University admissions when assessing the genuineness of an applicant:

  • The value of the course to the applicant’s future and relevance of chosen course to future career and educational plans, whether the program will assist the applicant to gain employment or improve employment prospects in their home country

  • Previous academic studies and qualification play a huge roll in assessing the students genuineness based on the relevance of your course of studies to your academic or employment background. The program’s consistency with the applicant’s current education level, Applicant may not be considered genuine when applying for a less educational level than previous awarded degree

  • Evidence of funds, Applicants must be aware of the financials and the cost when choosing Australia as their destination of study, applicants will be required to have access to funds including (1) full year of tuition fees, (1) year of living expenses and a (1) year health cover.

  • Evidence of English language proficiency, a minimum score of English proficiency is required, the test must have been taken no more than two years before the student visa application is made

  • Applicant(student)should have No time gaps between previous studies and current study application or a time gap between employment and study application.

  • When applying for a student visa, applicants main intention needs to be completing desired program and return to use the gained knowledge and skills at home country

The Applicant’s Circumstances

  • Decision makers will regard to the applicants circumstances in their home country and the applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia.

Some of the factors that the department considers as part of the GTE requirements

GTE Considerations


Circumstances in the applicant’s home County

Any matter, such as economic downturn, relevant to the applicant’s intention to stay temporarily

The applicants potential circumstances in Australia

The student has been in Australia for extensive periods of time, either without having successfully completed a qualification, or has moved education providers on numerous occasions

The applicant’s immigration history

The student has had previous Visa applications refused or visas cancelled

The value of the course to the applicant’s future

The student is applying for a course that is not related to their career choice or previous qualifications

Any other matter that may be relevant

The student cannot explain how an Australian qualification will benefit them in the future


The applicant’s circumstances in their home Country:

1. Applicant must show reasonable reasons for not undertaking the study in their home country or region. Seeking higher quality education or seeking specific program that may not be available in home country could be a reasonable reason to seek studies abroad in Australia.

2. The extent of the applicants personal ties to their home country (Family, Employment..etc). Applicant must provide strong evidence to go back home for either work purposes or family.

3. Economic circumstances of the applicant that would present as significant incentive for the applicant not to return to their home country.

4. Military service commitments that would present as a significant incentive for the applicant no to return to their home country.

5. Political and civil unrest in the applicant’s home country.

The applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia

1. Evidence that the student visa program is being used to circumvent the intentions of the migration programme

2. Whether the student visa or Student Guardian visa is being used to maintain ongoing residence

Whether the primary and secondary applicant(s) have entered into a relationship of concern for a successful student visa outcome. Where a decision maker determines that an applicant and dependant have contrived their relationship for a successfull Student visa outcomes, the decision maker may find that both applicants do not satisfy the genuine temporary entrant criterion.