Join us at the 2023 StudyCo Roadshow

Having helped students for decades, StudyCo understands that it’s not always easy to choose a study abroad option, especially with so many alternatives available in the market. For many students, there can be a lack of resources available, which can misdirect them or lead them astray. This is especially true when searching via the internet due to the abundance of resources which may be outdated or published by external sources not related to each institute. 
To help students find the direction they need, StudyCo hosts two global Roadshows each year. This connects students with figureheads from universities where they can discuss everything specific courses have on offer. With many one-on-one consultations available, it is one of the only events where students can gain access to immediate information from a diverse range of industry professionals without needing to organise several individual consultations. 
Available in a range of countries across February, this opportunity is free for all students and can help many turn their study abroad dreams into a reality. 

Registrations will be open soon, keep and eye 

Event locations:
Riyadh (9-10 February) 
Dubai (12 February) 

Kuwait (14 February) 

Muscat (16 February) 

Cairo (17 February) 

Doha (19 February) 

Istanbul (21 February) 


Morocco(23-24 February) 

Some of the other benefits of the roadshow include.

Find the best education pathways 

At StudyCo, we find that students often have several study locations they would like to attend, but they don’t often know which will be the most beneficial for them. For example, they may want to become a doctor but not know about the courses at various international universities. Some universities may allow them to explore a specific niche, which can help them become more employable across the globe. 
The 2023 StudyCo Roadshow aims to answer the questions students may have so they can find their best education pathway. It can also highlight the various scholarships they may be eligible for, should they choose specific universities, which can help them keep more money in their pocket to fund their future. 

Discover what it requires to settle into an abroad university 

Depending on the university or college you choose to attend, you may have various obligations. This includes paying for student loans, finding accommodation and organising work arrangements. Speaking with these industry leaders face-to-face allows future university students to determine if they have the finances, experience and skills required to settle in. 
The team at StudyCo will also be present throughout the entire roadshow to help answer any questions beyond a university’s domain. This includes questions about how to better your skills through tests, such as the Person PTE, to guarantee you have the experience necessary to comprehend and exceed in your chosen course. 

Explore the range of options available to you when choosing to study abroad 

Certain institutes and countries may have stronger marketing than others. For this reason, some students may not know which study abroad alternatives they have available to them. The 2022 StudyCo Roadshow connects students with reputable universities which may not have the capacity to market overseas continuously. 
Students can, therefore, locate a range of study abroad locations that may not have been on their original list of alternatives. This can also help them locate options that may better align with their personal interests, such as attending small-scale reputable universities or finding an institute that offers significant placement opportunities to gain practical skills. 

Accelerate your application process 

After speaking to professionals at the roadshow, students have the opportunity to start filling out applications. They can also receive tips from university figureheads about what they can include in specific questions or elements of their application to improve their chances of standing out. 
Students can also receive access to information packs and additional resources to help them understand the benefits of applying to their chosen institute. Those who request additional information can also book individual consultations at the roadshow with leaders of their chosen department or school of study. This can ensure they can ask various questions and receive the verbal advice they need, all of which can benefit their application process.  

The 2023 StudyCo Roadshow will be hosted at various locations

StudyCo understands that students from all over the world require support and advice. The 2023 Roadshow will travel around the world to guarantee students receive the information they need at a location that suits them. 
The locations on the agenda for the February roadshows include Riyadh, Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Cairo, Doha, Istanbul, and Morocco. Some events will be held at specific establishments. However, others will take place at schools and institutes across the country. So, it’s essential to register your interest early. 

Register online today to find out more 

Registration for the 2023 StudyCo Roadshow is completely free for students looking for guidance with their study abroad prospects. If you are interested in studying abroad and need more information, it is a fantastic event that can provide you with remarkable insight into what is on offer to you. 
Apply online today to ensure you secure your spot.