Avenir Virtual Mega Event

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StudyCo is excited to announce that we are the official partner for Avenir 2020 in Oman - one of the largest education events held each year (this year, with a twist!). This is an annual event and this year we will be hosting it jointly with the Indian School Board in Oman. The Board encompasses 21 Indian Schools and 47,000 students with 10,000+ students involved in Avenir 2020.

This year, it will be a 9-day Virtual Mega event between 20-28 November 2020.

This is an incredible opportunity to showcase Australia in a market where the ongoing perception from the Ministry is that the US, UK and Canada have often been more active on the ground. It is for this reason we have

Each year, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education are big supporters of Avenir. The presence of your institution at this event shows a commitment to investing in the Omani relationship and will allow us to showcase your institution in future conversations with the Ministry about cooperation.

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