Macquarie University - Online Commencement Options for 2020

Confirmed online intakes for 2020

Session 2, 2020 (July Intake)
Macquarie will offer our most popular Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees online. While a full-time load is available and was the most popular choice in Session 1, students may instead choose to study one or two units if they are unsure about the online/blended delivery model. A confirmed list of available degrees will be provided soon, noting that some degrees will not be available online due to clinical or laboratory requirements.

All Foundation and Diploma 2020 Intakes
All Macquarie University International College (MUIC) Foundation and Diploma courses will continue to be available online through live-streamed classe in your time zone, for the remainder of 2020.

All English Language Program 2020 Intakes
All English Programs delivered by the English Language Centre will continue to be available online through live-streamed classes in your time zone for the remainder of 2020.

Key Updates
Acceptance of other English Proficiency Tests
Existing IELTS and TOEFL tests will now be recognised for period three years. In addition, Macquarie will also accept the IELTS Indicator and TOEFL Special Home Edition English tests.
Use of predicted grades
Macquarie will accept the IB and Cambridge A Level predicted grades for Session 2, 2020 and all MUIC 2020 terms.  Given the significant disruption to major national and international entry tests, other options may also be considered.
Macquarie continue to provide all existing scholarship programs
Macquarie will continue to provide our full range of existing scholarships when students commence online. Scholarships will be allocated on a pro-rata basis, depending on how many units are being studied. As you are aware, the scholarship program is one of Australia's most generous, and Macquarie are committed to ensuring this remains in place for students.
Reduction of existing commencement fee
Macquarie have now reduced the existing commencement fee by 50% for all Undergraduate and Postgraduate students commencing offshore in July, 2020. The commencement fee is now equivalent to two units of study. If a student chooses to study more than two units, they are required to pay the remaining balance. 
Please note: This only applies for Session 2, 2020, with students commencing in all other intakes (including MUIC and ELICOS) required to pay the normal commencement fee for that course. 
Overseas Student Health Cover Fees (OSHC)
If students are not in a position to apply for a visa due to border restrictions, there is no need to pay Health Insurance (OSHC) fees at this stage. Students should arrange their own health cover prior to their visa application.
Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) Letters
The admissions team will still issue the confirmation of enrolment upon acceptance. This letter can then be used by students to apply for a visa when required or when travel restrictions are lifted.
A full refund is available for offshore students up to census date
A full refund of tuition fees will be provided if a student commences off-shore and then withdraws prior to the census date for all Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma and Foundation courses offered in 2020. This commitment is designed to reassure any of the students who may be hesitant about commencing their studies online. 
Please note: Full refunds will only be provided to offshore students up to the point of commencement for English Language Programs delivered by the ELC.


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