Monash University - Master of Artificial Intelligence

A future full of possibilities
Combating world hunger. Fighting poverty. Tackling criminal activity. The Master of AI will empower you to make a real impact.
Building on your previous study, you’ll dive right into topics spanning deep learning, machine learning, human-computer interaction, natural language processing and modern optimisation techniques. You’ll also learn about ethical issues and best practice in AI.
As a result, you’ll be equipped to drive positive change in a variety of industries – from e-commerce to retail and financial services to healthcare.
Work with the brightest and learn from the best
In the Master of AI, you’ll learn from some of the greatest minds in the field. Respected experts at the forefront of AI technology, who use their research to transform lives.
Because this course is only open to those who have excelled in a related undergraduate degree, you’ll also collaborate with elite students in our world-class facilities.
Gain real-world experience, advance your career
McKinsey predicts AI will add $13 trillion to the global economy by 2030*. That means the skillset you develop in this course will have worldwide demand.
Through our advanced practice units, you’ll also have the chance to apply your specialist expertise to real world challenges.
Complete a research project under the guidance of an internationally-recognised expert (as a pathway to a PhD) or engage in an industry experience studio project. Either way, this hands-on training prepares you to enter the workforce with confidence.
Location                         Clayton
Course code                   C6007
Duration                         1.5 years full time, 3 years part time (entry level 1)
                                       1 year full time, 2 years part time (entry level 2)
Enrolment                      February and July each year
Alternative exits
„ Graduate Diploma of Artificial Intelligence
„ Graduate Certificate of Artificial Intelligence
Career opportunities
„ AI data analyst
„ AI researcher
„ Data scientist
„ Data analyst
„ Robotics engineer
„ Machine learning engineer
Recognition of past learning
You must have a qualification equivalent to an Australian undergraduate degree in a related discipline.
Eligibility (in equivalent Australian qualification terms)
Entry level 1 (1.5 years): Part A + B
You must have either:
„ an undergraduate degree in a discipline related to IT
„ an engineering or science degree with an IT major and a grade average of 65% or higher
„ a qualification deemed equivalent by the Faculty of IT.
Entry level 2 (1 year): Part A only
You must have either:
„ a four-year honours degree in a discipline related to AI (including a research thesis that is at least 37.5% of a one-year, full-time load) with a 65% grade average or higher
„ a qualification deemed equivalent by the Faculty of IT