Deakin Worldly - New Courses and Scholarships in 2020

Deakin is intoducing an array of new courses in 2020. Some of these attractive courses are listed below.

Bachelor of Nutrition Science (Dietetics Pathway)
The Bachelor of Nutrition Science (Dietetics Pathway) is designed for students who wish to pursue a career as a dietitian, with a guaranteed pathway to Deakin's Master of Dietetics if they achieve an average weighted average mark (WAM) of 75 or above. The course is modified from the Bachelor of Nutrition Science, with the only difference being five additional core units required. The Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences (Dietetics Pathway) will include 17 core units.
Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology)
The Bachelor of Marketing (Psychology) will help your students to become experts at uncovering the underlying reasons behind consumer behaviour. It allows students to combine principles from complementary disciplines to unlock creative marketing solutions. They will graduate with a unique skill set that is in demand across all industries.
Other courses include:
Bachelor of Business Analytics, Undergraduate and postgraduate artificial intelligence degrees, Bachelor of Marine Science, Bachelor of Medical Imaging.
Below is a list of Scholarships and Bursaries for onshore interenational students: