Melbourne - Your preferred choice of study.

Melbourne is an evolving vibrant and culturally diverse city located on the eastern coast of Australia, most commonly known for its global technological involvement, its’ hosting of major sporting events and its regularity of being voted the most livable city in the world, and for good reasons. It is highly immersed in a variety of popular cafes and multicultural restaurants at every turn, leaving its residents and visitors alike spoiled for quality meals at any time of the day. As well as being the coffee capital of the world, you’ll always find a place to indulge yourself in a delightful hit of ‘pick me up’.
Melbourne is home to some of the leading universities in the world. With over 200,000  international students choosing to come and study in Victoria, it’s unsurprising that Melbourne has been ranked the 3rd most chosen study destination globally. The city takes pride in its access to a high level in quality of education, immense employment opportunities and a developed and diverse culture.
What makes it so popular is its centralisation to a variety of services and its accessibility to a comprehensive public transport network. Majority of high ranking universities are located in the centre of the city, making it extremely convenient for international students to get around and manage their social and academic lives in a sustainably connected environment. Whether you want to find somewhere to eat, a good place to party, or simply a nice park to take a stroll in, it’s all within an arm's reach.
Public transport is an invaluable means of getting around, especially to international students that don’t own any other means of transport. Despite cheaper international student travel cards, Melbourne residents can ride the trams around certain areas for free, making it a convenient and easy way to navigate from and to different parts of the city. The city itself is entranced in a vibrant culture and dynamic lifestyle, it’s engulfed in a collective and diverse atmosphere that expresses tolerance and inclusion, so regardless of your background, you’ll feel a familiar sense of belonging anywhere you go.  
So what truly sets the city of Melbourne apart, and why are international students flocking to study at Australian universities every year in such huge numbers? For starters, universities in Melbourne uphold a high standard of education. They provide a distinctive learning perspective which encourages students to think creatively and independently. Australian graduates are recognised internationally and are more likely to successfully pursue postgraduate study at leading international universities as well as find employment opportunities in prominent positions worldwide. 
Melbourne has been voted the most livable city for the 8th consecutive year. Primarily for its exceptional value for money and high standard of living. Living expenses are generally much more affordable in comparison to other parts of the world and tuition fees are comparably cheaper than other international destinations. This makes it a desirable destination to study some of the best variety of courses that universities have on offer.
While Melbourne takes pride in its diverse culture in the food industry, providing its residents with a variety of ethnic and authentic dishes, Crown College International are renowned for their impressive award winning history in hospitality, commercial cookery and management. They provide their international students with an intimate one on one learning environment by some of the top chefs, most of which work at Crown, to ensure they excel and succeed at the highest level. They focus on a localised practical experience, but for anyone looking for a more iconic international experience, look no further than Le Cordon Bleu for an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality management specialising in commercial cookery.
From the Manchester Unity Building to the ANZ Gothic Bank to the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne is home to some of the oldest heritage buildings in Australia. A Bachelor of Architectural Design at RMIT University, one of the leading Universities globally in that field, is a great way to explore Melbourne's vintage essence while implementing academic knowledge into the real world. Or delve into the nits and grits of the process and help shape the future of the ever expanding city with a Master of Construction Management at the University of Melbourne. A university that is currently ranked number 32 globally. 
Australia’s high life expectancy is influenced by its’ superb government funded public healthcare system and highly complimented by the cities strong presence in the medical industry. It is significantly reinforced by an affordable private healthcare system as well, which means international students can still have that piece of mind. Some of the top leading Universities such as Monash University and Deakin University provide an array of medical science and medicine related courses for students that are looking to study in that field. The faculties provide an intensive practical approach to ensure the students are getting the best possible experience and learning environment specifically tailored to their needs.
Whether you’re studying at Victoria University, La Trobe University, Swinburne University or any one of the many available colleges and universities in Melbourne, and looking at pursuing further postgraduate studies, or an alternative field of study. There is an abundance of official international student agencies that can provide you with all the help you need, and they are all listed on the respective universities websites.