Student Visa and Migration

VISA Services
Great! So your application has been approved, you’ve got your offer and you’re ready to go overseas. But wait! Before you can leave the country, you’re going to need to make sure you have an International Student Visa.
Don’t worry, this is something Studyco can arrange on your behalf from start to finish. Not only do we provide up-to-date advice regarding the visa requirements of your destination country but we can process the visas in-house.
This means you don’t need to go outside Studyco to complete this part of the process. And because we know the details of your application already, we can help get you quicker outcomes.
Migration Services
It’s so important to make sure you have the right advice when it comes to migration. Migration laws vary from country to country and your choices can impact the options you have available once you arrive in your country.
Studyco can offer expert advice and assistance on migration matters through our accredited migration agents. We can cover questions relating to PR, work-experience, working in country and more.