UTS Insearch - Aspire Advantage Scholarship - A$12,000 *

Designed for high-achieving, dynamic students from the subcontinent,
the Aspire Advantage Scholarship supports students completing an Accelerated Diploma program,
to kick start their journey to UTS with an A$12,000 Scholarship*

Eligibility criteria
Students must commence their academic (diploma) program in 2019 or 2020 to be eligible.
The scholarship will be awarded to students who meet the requirements for eligible courses listed below:
Country of
Eligible Programs 
Scholarship Eligibility Requirements
 Accelerated Diploma 
 12 ISC/CBSE with academic subjects 65% or Year 12 Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka,
Kerala and West Bengal State Boards 65% or Year 12. Other State Boards 70%
(best 4 relevant academic subjects)
Accelerated Diploma
65% Higher Secondary Certificate (10+2) or GPA 2.6
Accelerated Diploma
HSC 2nd Division 58%.
GCE: 2 A level passes at D grade
Sri Lanka
Accelerated Diploma
GCE: 2 A level passes with C grade
Accelerated Diploma
High School Certificate (1st division) with 65%