JCU - Diploma of Health nursing (Nursing Pathway)

JCU now has a new Diploma of Health (Nursing pathway) program for international students.

The program is being delivered in JCU Cairns (which is a regional area, can Add Value to the student as well) and happy to accept students with overall IELTS 6.5 and individual 6.5. In cases wherein students have managed to score overall IELTS of 7 individual score of 6 can be considered. Students would still have clear OET/IELTS of 7 no less than 7 after one year of Diploma to seek entry into Bachelors. The University will provide free of cost English support throughout the Diploma to make sure students achieve the APHRA requirements.

The program is recognised towards one year of credit exemption into their Bachelors. So Diploma+ Bachelors = 3 years.

What you need to know before you apply:

You will need to supply the following with your application:

  • Previous and current certificates and academic transcripts
  • Grading Scale used at the institution/s you have undertaken your studies
  • English proficiency test results (if required and available at time of application)
  • Passport to confirm your name and citizenship (if available at time of application)