Student decision factors across study destinations

Global survey compares student decision factors across study destinations
The i-graduate International Student Barometer (ISB) conducts annual surveys since 2001. They collected feedback from three million students worldwide across all student types, levels and years of study. In 2017, over 110 000 students globally responded to the survey by answering to the following:
The factors they considered when making their decision to study overseas, from personal safety and cost of study to institution reputation and earning potential of the degree. And the results were compared across multiple study destinations like: US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.
As a result, the survey shows that the most commonly cited decision factors for international students include: Scholarships and funding, opportunities to work while studying, opportunities for further study, and teacher reputation. This table highliths the percentage of the decision making elements across different destination.
In addition to decision making factors, ISB survey respondents are also asked about what influenced their choice of study destination, with factors ranging from alumni, friends, and family to staff of the institution and social networking sites.
And the major influencers of student choice are: Ranking tables, currently enrolled students, education agents and institutional websites. This table highliths the percentage of the factors influencing in the decision making elements: