Hunan Agricultural University - Study in China with full-scholarship

Hunan Agricultural University (HUNAU), a key provincial university under the co-construction of Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Hunan Province, which has been selected as one of the first national experimental units in the Research Institute of New Rural Development by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology. It has also been selected for the Project for Basic Capacity-building of Midwest Universities’. The field of the plant and animal science and agricultural science enter the global top 1% in ESI disciplines’ ranking, and 4 first level disciplines, including Crop science, Horticulture, Agricultural resource and environment, Zootechny, enter national top ten. HUNAU will adhere to the school characteristics of combination involving production, teaching and research, in response to overseas students, we have proposed integrated teaching of top school professors, related industry internships, and social research institutes.


Over 100 overseas students choose to study in HUNAU per year, and students mainly come from Poland, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Laos and other countries.


Changsha is characterized by a temperate climate with copious rainfall and four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is about 17, and the lowest one in January generally is about 2; the highest one in August generally is about 35. Meanwhile, The Happy Camp, Chinese Bridge, I am a singer and other programs sponsored by Hunan Satellite Television have been widely acclaimed around the world and regularly invite international students from Hunan Provincial University to participate in the program.

MOST POPULAR ENGLISH-INSTRUCTED PROGRAMS:All programs in the level of master and PHD is taught by English. Bachelor’s programs are taught in Chinese except civil engineering and computer science & technology.

Civil engineering (Bachelor)

Computer Science & Technology (Bachelor)

Environmental Engineering (Bachelor/Master)

International Economy & Trade (Bachelor)

Horticulture (Bachelor/Master/PHD)

Animal Husbandry (Mater/PHD)

Crop Science (Master/ PHD)

Agricultural Economy Management (Master/PHD)

(Programs about Agricultural provide relative interns, for example, international students will go to Longping High-Tech, which is found by the father of the world's hybrid rice Longping Yuan)


During school hours, students may perform internships or part-time jobs with the permission of the school. The school will also provide outstanding students with internship opportunities. After graduation, students can apply for work visas or even immigration according to the regulations of China’s overseas staff’s work policies in China. The school will update the willingness of policy service students at any time. China's One Belt, One Road policy has a lot of job gaps for overseas people. Even if they fail to stay in China after graduation, a large number of Chinese enterprises will go to the global market. Foreign students who graduate from Chinese colleges and universities will have a very competitive language advantage.


China can provide two-year working visas for qualified overseas students in China. At present, there is a huge shortage of foreign language teachers and foreign-related foreign business people in China. If you choose to return to China, China’s One Belt and One Road policy has prompted a large number of Chinese companies to go to countries along the route. Naturally, graduates with Chinese education background and Chinese language advantages will be favored.

At the same time, Hunan Agricultural University will recommend outstanding undergraduates to the National Top 5 universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. The outstanding master graduate class is recommended to study for a doctoral degree at a domestic TOP10 college.


  • FULL-SCHOLARSHIP FOR NEW STUDENTS(the excellent candidate- tuition and accommodation are free )
  • EXCELLENT INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS' SCHOLARSHIP(students who behaved wonderfully last academic year)
    • FIRST LEVEL: undergraduate 14000RMB
    • FIRST LEVEL: post graduate 20000RMB
    • SECOND LEVEL: undergraduate 10000RMB
    • SECOND LEVEL: post graduate 14000RMB
  • GENERAL INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP(students whose courses are all satisfied)
    • undergraduate 7000RMB
    • post graduate 10000RMB
    • PHD 12500RMB
  • LANGUAGE STUDY INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SCHOLARSHIP(students who study for Chinese language and behave well)
    • 7000RMB
  • PROVINCIAL SCHOLARSHIP(students who behaved wonderfully last academic year)
    • undergraduate 15000RMB
    • post graduate 20000RMB
    • PHD 25000RMB