Student Services Agency

Wishing for an offer from the University of your dreams? Or just need advice on course requirements?
At Studyco we can help you kick-start your journey to study abroad. We’ll be right there with you from application to enrolment, making sure you get to where you need to go.
Representing hundreds of top Universities worldwide, we'll take on all the heavy lifting in your application process. Filling in forms, chasing documents and helping you overcome any bumps in the road along the way. Our job is to maximise your chances of getting the best possible education.
The application process can be daunting for any student. Especially when studying abroad. That’s why at Studyco we make the process as streamlined as possible.
Simply click here for a step-by-step guide on How to Apply or click here to speak to a counsellor today.
Speedy Application Turn-Around Times
Need an answer fast?
Small oversights on an application can cause major delays for your offer, which is why working with a reputable agency is so important.
Universities trust us, which is why we represent so many around the world. This means that if you go through us, we can help you get better outcomes and fast.
With our inside knowledge, we’ll help you avoid any costly mistakes.
Speak to one of our counsellors today and make sure you avoid many of the pitfalls other students face when trying to get an offer.
Course and Career Counselling
Not sure about the right University for you? Want to know more about your destination country? Or worried about entry requirements?
At Studyco, we help students with questions like this on a daily basis. We listen to your needs and ensure you have all the information to make the right choice in your study.
Our experienced counsellors speak many languages and will advise you how best to approach your application process.
We’ll also put parents at ease by working with you to find out what your long term objectives are after your study. What industry do you hope to be in? We can advise you on how to maximise your employment opportunities even after your course is complete.
If you’re worried about entry requirements, we’ll work with you to look for alternative pathways. There is no problem we won’t happily take on.
Many universities in Australia and abroad require you to meet English language standards. For some, this can mean studying English for weeks before moving onto your University course.
But its important to note that English Language requirements vary between study program and level. So we’ll help you find out what the English Language requirements are for your course and how to reach the level you need.
  • Making sure you get the right advice regarding your English Language proficiency can be the difference between getting an offer and missing out.
  • Speak to one of our counsellors today for more on English Language.
Briefing and pre-departure counseling
Making the decision to study abroad takes guts. It shows your somebody who isn’t afraid to take on new frontiers.
We certainly understand the excitement of studying overseas but we also know it can be nerve-wracking.
At Studyco, we’ve been a trusted advisor to parents and students because we provide full detailed pre-departure counselling.
Unlike other student-recruitment agencies, we can even book your flights in-house.
We’ll help ensure every detail is taken care of for your arrival in your new country. If you require it, we’ll arrange for you to be picked up from the airport and check in with you to make sure you arrive safely at your hotel.
Our job is to set you and your family’s mind at ease by providing you accurate, detailed information about what you can expect upon arrival.
We are world-leaders in student service and the trusted partner of many top education providers because of the extra care we take of our students.
Our pre-departure counselling will also help you address foreign exchange and travel arrangements. Any questions you have about life and study in Australia can be answered before you arrive. And we have a wealth of information specially tailored for international students.