Are you planning to study as an international student? Our education agent team will organise everything you need to do - and at no cost to you! We will find the best college, university, or English school anywhere in Australia - matching your budget and timetable.

Our admissions services are 100% free, so phone or email us today before your current visa expires. Our services offer information about the selected destination, the universities, programs, admissions, accommodations. Our selective global strategy allows us to tailor our services to the needs of each market. Our international reach ensures the company is able to provide personal up-to-date information and a full range of services including but not limited to:


StudyCo list of Free Services

1. Study options by Country by University 
2. Advice on English Language Requirements 
3. Admissions Application, Guidance on Submission 
4. University Follow up on Application & Offer  
5. Acceptance on Offer Response and Enrolment 
6. Accommodation Services 
7. Payment of Tuition/Deposit Fees Services 
8. English Language Programs 
9. Visa Services (Depending on the country of your location, Visa services might be free)
10. Briefing and Pre-departure Counseling 
11. Airport Pick-up Service 
12. Arrival Assistance 
13. Students Welcoming 
14. Banking Services 
15. Insurance Services 
16. Transferring Course, University 
17. Credit Transfer Applications 
18. Organizing Tutors 
19. Additional Studies, Course Counseling 
20. Student Supervision Services 
21. Travel Services 
22. Activities for International students 
23. Special Gifts 
24. International Student Award
26. Internship and Placement 
27. Short Courses
28. Training and Skills Development 


实习是实际的工作安置计划,旨在为您的简历上添加一段专业的经验,并提高您的长期就业前景。 您将在与您专业相关的领域和享有声誉的澳大利亚公司积累实际的经验。



在StudyCo,我们为无数遇到困难的学生提供了建议性建议。 一部分学生认为他们需要更换居住的城市,还有一部分学生可能选择在另外的领域进修。