Australian Education System

The Australian education system has a strong international reputation and is known for its effective structure and innovative policy developments. Many other countries, eager to improve their own education systems, turn to Australia for advice. Institutions must support international students in adjusting to study and life in Australia, achieving their learning goals and satisfying the learning outcomes of their course. This includes providing information on arrival about:
  • student support services available to help facilitate a smooth transition to life in Australia;
  • legal services;
  • emergency and health services
  • facilities and resources;
  • complaints and appeals processes; and
  • any student visa conditions relating to course progress and/or attendance as appropriate.

Australia is rapidly growing as one of the most popular destinations for international student to attend. Currently Australia has the third largest international student enrollment behind the USA and the UK. Degrees obtained from Australian universities are recognized all over the world, and there is the added boost that the Australian higher education system is federally regulated. Which means the Australian government regulates all universities in the country each year to make sure they are maintaining their high education standards.

Australian Groups of Universities
Universities that share common characteristics have formed groups and networks that to some extent illustrate differences in focus and objectives between groups of universities and the commonalities of those within the group.
Study Costs
Living costs in Australia Migration regulations in Australia require international students to show evidence that they can contribute to the cost of living and studying in Australia. This helps to ensure students are better able to make the most of their studies and have a safe and enjoyable experience in Australia.
PhD Degree
Australia is a very popular country in which to commence studies. Around 50% of all international students from over 80 different countries are studying at Australian universities. Master and PhD Students and their dependents can apply for permission to work after their course commences, and are allowed to work full-time whilst the course is running.
Master By Research Degree
A Masters by Research will build on the skills and knowledge you developed in your undergraduate degree. Supported by a research supervisor, you will undertake advanced research in your field and develop the skills to apply, and critically evaluate various research methodology.
Master By Coursework Degree
A masters degree enhances your professional skills and understanding of a specific area of knowledge. One of the advantages of a masters by coursework is the support and guidance you receive in tutorials, from tutors and other students.

Graduate Certificate & Diploma
Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas are in the category of postgraduate studies which are designed as a prerequisite of Master degree. The Graduate Certificate which usually take 6 months, typically involves broadening individual skills already gained in an undergraduate program, or developing vocational knowledge and skills in a new professional area.
Bachelor Degree
Bachelor degree: provides initial preparation for professional careers and postgraduate study, and involves a minimum of six semesters full-time study. Entrance typically requires completion of an Australian secondary school certificate of education (Year 12) or the overseas equivalent, or a diploma or advanced diploma from the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.
Foundation Degree
Australia has become a popular destination for students seeking a quality English language education. The Foundation Studies programs have been developed as a pre-university year to make sure international students get the best possible start at an Australian tertiary institution.
Vocational Education
With the huge and ever growing number of education providers in Australia, choosing which type of institution to study with can be daunting. However, if you are looking for clear pathways into the workforce or higher education there are many advantages to be found in studying through The Australian Technical and Further Education (TAFE) system.
Secondary Education
Australia is a popular secondary education destination for international students. Not only does Australia offer quality, internationally recognised education, it also provides a safe, comfortable and multicultural environment. Secondary education in Australia aims to provide skills for your future study, employment and life in Australia or anywhere in the world.
English Program
The English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) sector is an important one within the Australian Education system. In 2010, 140,102 student enrolments were counted* in the ELICOS sector. 60% of those students held Student visas, 23% Visitor and the remaining 17% Working Holiday & other visas.