Kaplan Regional Scholarships 2017 for Asian Students

Stand out from the crowd with a Kaplan Scholarship
In our genuine ambition to help individuals around the world reach their educational and career goals, Kaplan Business School is offering Regional Scholarships to 60 Asian students who can display a record of outstanding academic merit.
If you’re an Asian national and believe you have what it takes, we’d love for you to apply. Please read our Scholarship terms and conditions carefully before applying.
The 2017 Regional Scholarships will provide a reduced tuition fee for the relevant Kaplan Business School undergraduate or postgraduate degree to any student that meets the eligibility criteria and is ready to enrol in one of the following courses.
Regional Scholarship Eligibility Criteria. To be eligible for the Regional Scholarship, you must:
1. Hold citizenship from an Asian country.
2. Have applied for undergraduate or postgraduate study.
3. Have met Kaplan’s academic and English requirements for the course offered.
4. Demonstrate a fair level of academic success, with an average result of at least 65% in prior studies.
5. Complete a 250 word essay on “How a Kaplan degree will help you achieve success in the future”.
6. Have enrolled in and are ready to begin your course in Trimester 1, 2 or 3 of 2017 (commencement may not be deferred).
Important Dates
Be sure to keep an eye out for the dates on this page. Late submissions will not be accepted. No exceptions.
Trimester 1, 2017 Friday 24 February 2017
Trimester 2, 2017 Friday 16 June 2017
Trimester 3, 2017 Friday 20 October 2017
Selection Process
• Kaplan Business School will review each application.
• On the recommendation of a Selection Committee, scholarships will be awarded each trimester to students who have demonstrated that they meet the selection criteria to the satisfaction of Kaplan Business School. The decision of the Kaplan Business School Committee will be final.
• Notification to successful applicants will occur approximately one month prior to the corresponding trimester commencement.



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