International student data for November 2016: Australia

The Department of Education and Training has released the YTD November 2016 data on international students studying in Australia on student visas. Key trends as compared to YTD November 2015:

  • Enrolments reached 700,000 for the first time, reflecting year on year growth of 11%. At the same time commencements rose 10% and actual student numbers are up 11%.
  • Double-digit growth in enrolments in all sectors, except ELICOS (4% growth).
  • In the top ten markets, growth in enrolments was led by Brazil (18.8%), Malaysia (18.1%) and Nepal (15.8%).
  • China and India remain the top two markets with 15.7% and 8.8% growth respectively.
  • Hospitality topped commencement growth (up 33.9%), followed by Mixed Field (up 20.9%).

Below shows year-to-date international student numbers, and enrolments of international students in Australia on a student visa. 



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Last Updated: 03 February 2017
Editor: Negar Zandipour
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