Victoria University High Achiever Scholarship for Asian Students

VU Sydney is pleased to announce new scholarships for our Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in 2017 which will provide students with significant savings on tuition fees every semester!

27 -  March (Semester 1)

24 - July (Semester 2) 

20 - November (Semester 3 - Optional)

Each semester, VU Sydney will award a $2,000 international student tuition fees scholarship to students, based on previous academic performance.. The scholarship will apply from the first semester of study, and if students continue to perform well and demonstrate achievement of a minimum 65 credit average for the following semesters, they will also receive a further $2,000 international student tuition fees scholarship in each of those semesters. The scholarship will cover part of the tuition fees, and cannot be converted into other forms of payment or transferred to third parties .


• Assessments for scholarships will be conducted by VU Sydney staff, who will decide if scholarships will be awarded to students.

• Scholarships are non-transferable and awarded for study at VU Sydney

• The scholarships for respective semesters will only be awarded if a minimum 65 credit average is maintained.

• This scholarship is only available for students who carry the nationality/citizenship from Asian regions including Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Taiwan and Hong Kong

• Leave of absence is not permitted.

• Please note that the amount in the offer letter will be displaying the full fee. In order to claim the first scholarship of A$2,000 student must submit signed a scholarship form altogether with the signed offer letter and proof of payment.

Please note: 

All seats will be filled on a “first paid-first served” basis. Letter of Offers will be valid for 30 days from the offer issued date. Applicants will be required to re-apply in order to confirm availability of seats



For more information, please contact  one of our offices

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Last Updated: 30 November 2016
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