Foundation Degree


Foundation Studies

Australia has become a popular destination for students seeking a quality English language education. The Foundation Studies programs have been developed as a pre-university year to make sure international students get the best possible start at an Australian tertiary institution. Undertaking preliminary studies in this way means a student does not have to complete secondary schooling in their country of origin and instead can begin immediately along the path of obtaining Australian qualifications.

About A Foundation Year

Each of the schools offering Foundation Studies has developed their own program which is similar although slightly different from the others according to the anticipated outcome. For example, some programs are run by Universities which use them as a stepping-stone to entry, while others are run by separate schools as feeders to a number of different institutions. In both cases the Foundation Studies results can be used to gain entry to most of the universities in Australia, provided that the results are at an acceptable level.

The Foundation Year is equivalent to Australia's Year 12, the final year of secondary schooling, but with a special focus on English ability and preparation for tertiary studies. Completing a Foundation Year does not mean a student will automatically be accepted into university, this will depend on how well they perform. However, students not gaining entry directly into University will be able to study at Diploma level at a TAFE or College and then transfer to University from there if their results are acceptable.

Foundation Studies Australia gives international students the opportunity to study a pre-university year within a fully-accredited specialist program as the first step to completing tertiary studies. A select group of schools offers a range of programs designed to cover the different options an international student might like to pursue at the tertiary level. Some of the most important features of the Australian Foundation Year include:

  • It is equivalent to Australia's Year 12 (the pre-university year)
  • It is taught in English, but includes comprehensive English instruction and support where that is required

Students can choose from a range of program options which have been specially developed to meet university requirements

Moving from Foundation to University

After Foundation Year students can progress directly to University if their results are acceptable or they can undertake some further study at College or TAFE before moving on to University. All Foundation programs are delivered through a student-centered approach with a focus on encouraging each student to develop the skills necessary to succeed at the tertiary level in Australia.