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Inlingua Victoria College of ESL and TESL

Centrally located in downtown Victoria BC, Inlingua Victoria provides an intensive 120-hour TESL / TEFL Teacher Training Diploma Program for students looking to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) at home or abroad. The program includes 100 hours of intensive and comprehensive ESL methodologies, lesson planning, resources and job search skills. Student teachers also complete 20-hours of hands on teaching with ESL students from around the world who are attending our English Language Programs in Victoria.


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Some reasons to choose Inlingua Victoria

- Worldwide Institution
Over 500,000 students learn English and other languages with us every year at inlingua campuses worldwide. The materials are constantly updated to stay abreast of developments in the teaching field worldwide.

- Quality TESL Program
Student teachers in training will receive the highest quality of TESL instruction during TESL Teacher Training Diploma Programs.

- Hands-on Teaching Experience
Student teachers also complete a 20-hour teaching practicum with ESL students from around the world who are attending our English Language Programs in Victoria.

- Employment Opportunities
Graduates may apply for jobs in Canada or anywhere in the world and through our inlingua network of almost 400 colleges worldwide.

Intensive 120-hour TEFL / TESL Teacher Training Diploma Program:

Students can complete this comprehensive 120-hour program within four weeks. The program is divided into 10 separate modules (100 hours) presented sequentially, with 20-hours of practical hands-on teaching experience.

Modules include:

  • Theories and Methods – Overview of TESL
  • Communicating effectively – Teaching Grammar
  • Pronunciation to conversation – Teaching Listening & Speaking
  • Literature and life – Teaching Reading
  • Communicating creatively – Teaching Writing
  • Making the classroom work – Class dynamics
  • Designing an ESL curriculum
  • Testing in ESL
  • Finding your first ESL job
  • Tutoring in ESL/EFL

Fall 2013 Courses

ESL Courses

  • inlingua Victoria is constantly growing and now they have expanded to 10 classrooms! They offer the following courses: General English, Professional Business English, TESL, and English for Academic Purposes.
  • Starting in January, there will be a full-time IELTS training course.
  • They are proud of the diversity of their school.

Languages Co-op Self Placement Program

  • Their Language Co-op Program is now officially approved and recognized by Languages Canada! They are very proud of this achievement!
  • inlingua Victoria helps students excel not only in the classroom but also during their work experience. The work experience exposes our students to using their new language skills in a natural language work environment.
  • They provide counseling for students in order to find suitable employment. They are happy to say that every student we have had through this program has found work in the service and hospitality industries. Well done!

TESL Teacher Training

  • Student Teachers-in-Training will receive the highest quality of TESL instruction during TESL Teacher Training Diploma Programs.
  • The TESL program runs every month for four weeks.
  • There are graduates from many different countries.
  • With this certification, you will be able to teach English in Canada or anywhere in the world!

University Pathway Program

  • The inlingua Victoria University and College Pathway Program will help International Students gain entrance into a Canadian University or College. This Program will provide students with fluency, written English skills and the necessary post-secondary skills that will prepare you for academic success.
  • No TOEFL or IELTS needed! We can offer direct entrance into University of Prince Edward Island, North Island College, Royal Roads University, University of Regina, Vancouver Film School & many more!
  • inlingua Victoria has had over 15 students through the University Pathway Program this year alone.

Abby, Saudi Arabia

"The teaching method used at inlingua is very effective. I am so excited to start my schooling at PEI this Fall."
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