This education grant is offered to international students of 2017 intakes to pursue Foundation studies leading to Bachelor’s degree programme or Bachelor’s degree programme at UCSI University. (EXCEPT for Music, Medicine and Pharmacy programmes).
This grant provides partial tuition fee waiver to candidates who demonstrate excellent academic achievements and active participation in extracurricular activities.
Applicants must have completed Secondary Education (Year 11 or Year 12). The education grant entitlement corresponds to the academic achievements. Tuition fee waiver is granted according to academic achievement (including English Language & the relevant subjects) based on specific countries as outlined in the table below.
a) Education Grant covers only tuition fee waiver for the programme offered and is neither transferable to another candidate nor exchangeable for cash.
b) Applicants must register as full-time student at UCSI University and meet the entry and English requirements.
c) In the event that a successful applicant does not fulfill the university’s English requirements, he/she may sit for the English Placement Test and undergo the English Enrichment Programme prior to the undergraduate programme and the successful applicant is to cover the cost for the English Enrichment Programme.
d) Successful applicants are to pay any miscellaneous fees and other fees that are not covered by the education grant.
e) Successful applicants must maintain a minimum of CGPA 3.00 in every semester, below which the Education Grant will be revoked.
f) Successful applicants must maintain their discipline, attendance and good behaviour through their studies at UCSI University.
g) Successful applicants are to voluntarily contribute effort and time of not more than 4 hours a week or 25 hours per long semester (20 hours per short semester) to assist the UCSI University and the UCSI University Trust in its various workplace and community projects.
h) Successful applicants are to pay back the amount disbursed up to date in case of withdrawal.
i) The quantum and number of Education Grant to be offered are subject to the final approval by UCSI University Trust.
1. Applicants who meet the requirement to register for the selected programme and pay application fee.
2. Applicants to submit application for education grant through UCSI International Team. Application forms can be downloaded from
3. UCSI International Team to forward applications together with Letter of Admission to UCSI University Trust.
4. UCSI University Trust to verify the eligibility, thereafter to prepare Offer Letter and notify GFO to update IIS.
5. UCSI International Team to follow up with for the successful applicants for the remaining First Time Payment, thereafter proceed with applicants’ visa application and arrange the necessary for arrival etc.


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Last Updated: 16 November 2016
Editor: Negar Zandipour
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